Panem Et Circenses. What is it?

Panem Et Circenses is an artist collective founded by Ludovico Pensato and Alessandra Ivul in 2012 in Berlin.

Panem Et Circenses uses participatory practices for investigating human relations activated by food.

It means that we design and build relational works (installation, performance) in which food is a symbolic and significant tool that is used always site specific.

It means that in mostly our works food is there (or may be not) not to eat it like in ” a creative / alternative / art catering …”, the point is think about it.

In this way we do as well critical food design.

Food, as an element both material and symbolic, is a powerful device that brings together the natural and the cultural sphere, both present in the human dimension in which we live every day.

Please take a look to our statement and portfolio!


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