Eutopos (the good place) is a relational installation dedicated to the importance of questioning. The permanence in a doubtful status is tracked as the only possible way for the intellectual vitality. If we stop asking questions we freeze knowledge. What questions are we doing when we talk about food?

EUTOPOS (The good place) is a participatory installation composed of two parts: a wall-mounted installation and a multimedia “question station” with a corner dedicated to maieutic dialogue.

The question station is mobile and allows the two performance artists to maintain the focus of the event (workshop/conference) throughout and to accompany the flow of participants from one session to another.

The action consists in encouraging participants to watch a short video and to help them – following a guided session in maieutic dialogue – to formulate a question of meaning on the value, or values, of food. The participant writes his or her question on the back of a prepared “value ticket” that will replace one the “value tickets” placed on the wall.

The “mosaic of values” becomes a collector of questions of meaning.

Have I ever stopped to ask myself what it means for man to exercise his power over nature? Do I really know how much, globally and in terms of survival, it costs to produce food in the world? Where am “I” within this system? How do I fit in the equation? Am I capable of getting to the details, in depth? Am I really interested?

The operation of questioning underlies and expresses itself through all learning structures and we experience the emotions associated with those questions; this process leads to our growth and develops our consciousness. It is important to extend the moment of contemplation that the act of questioning entails; the act of self-questioning encourages original observations and generates additional questions which can lead to a greater number of pathways to authentic thought or awareness. Thought is today rarely stimulated and considered at its richest, most original functions: to exercise doubt, to be perplexed, to question and to self-question, to personally experience the investigation process, the ensuing revelation and the wonder.

What do we ask ourselves when we talk about food?